What is Deep Linking?

The simplest definition of deep links and deep links to what makes it much better can be found in this article.

A deep link means a link that takes you to the content. A very web link is actually a deep link.

To explain with a simple example, “https://www.itpakistan.org/” is a standard link but not a deep link. On the other side, “http://www.itpakistan.org/7-essential-requirements-creating-perfect-seo-reports/” is a deep link. Because it takes you directly to the content. This deep link is part of the simple link mentioned at the beginning.

SEO Deep Linking

SEO Deep Linking

What is the status in terms of mobile applications?

In a simple way, mobile deep links allow users to share content within an application. If you want to share something you like in an app with your friend, you need to do it using a deep link. Your friend who wants to access content without a deep link should first find the application, then access the main page of the application and then find the content you mentioned.

So why is this a problem?

Contrary to the vast majority of information on the Internet, content contained in applications is not open to anyone. Normal links do not work when they are installed because applications need to be downloaded to a device. Even if downloaded, there is no standard way to find and share an item. Every content is application-specific.

What are deep links

It is seriously questionable to be able to share an item within the application due to this access difficulty. The user experience drops considerably, damaging the company’s measurements and negatively affecting the connection of small developers. As a result, competition is low and big firms keep their market leadership in their hands constantly. Even if the practices are very bad, they continue to be leaders.

How deep links help you in this matter?

With deep linking, content links can be created within the mobile application and shared just like on the web. Developers can offer a better user experience and users can easily discover interesting content.

How do deep links work?

There is no standard case for deep links, but deep links can be handled in three different titles according to their properties.

Traditional / Old Deep Links

Traditional deep links are created based on your application’s URL address. Instead of receiving a link like https://www.itpakistan.org/category/, you’ll get a link in the form myApp: // category. Many applets have a URL scheme. If you do not have a schematic of your application, you can easily create one.

Deep Linking

Traditional deep links are problematic if the link does not work if you do not have the application. When you use the address given by the URL scheme, your phone or other mobile device will call the application to access the content. If the application is not installed, your mobile device will not be able to find the content and it will give you an error.

Delayed Deep Links

Delayed deep links have similar properties with Web links, but they work or do not work depending on whether the application is loaded or not. If the application is loaded, the link will be opened directly to the content. If the application is not installed, the link will go to the download page of the application instead of the content. Once the application is loaded, the user will be able to access the content specified immediately. Displaying the content to the user after the application has been loaded has caused the delayed definition to be made.

Contextual Deep Links

Contextual deep links feature both traditional and delayed deep links. they provide many different and useful information while being used as a delayed deep link. Information such as the application the user will go to, where the link is clicked, and who originally created the link is included in the contextual deep links. In fact, these links are much more powerful than Web links.

Contexts links are useful both for the application developer and for the user. Application developers can create features beyond linking to the content. This includes features such as personalized messages. Such features are better for users because the application can provide them with more relevant information related to better experience and related issues.

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