Tips for vacation photography

On the sandy beach, under the palm trees and the azure blue sea, we gather pleasant experiences in the most beautiful weeks of the year. Well-photographed holiday photos capture the holiday mood and ensure that the memory of beautiful hours long in the memory. With these handy photo tips, photos on the beach and photos on city breaks become unmistakable memories.

Photos on the beach – exciting action

A beautiful sandy beach is a nice photo opportunity. It gets more exciting when “Action” comes with the picture. Children who play on the beach, the dog who loves to chase the ball on the water or people who swim or dive bring life to the holiday photo. When using a wide-angle lens and a short exposure time, the movement is almost frozen. Motion is more vivid on photos, but it’s usually too bright for pickups without an ND filter in the summer. Hard light is hard to master – and between eleven and three, photographers are free. That is why often unloved drop shadows appear on the beach under the eyes. In portrait photography, it is not wrong to make sure that you brighten the hard shadows on the face. With a folding reflector, unfavorable shadows can be reduced, but we usually do not have it in the travel bag on holiday (for orders, of course). Therefore, you should rather pay attention to the time and direction of the light to make your model look good.

The holiday photography should convey holiday atmosphere and let others share in the experiences. Important motives should therefore be in the foreground. The first dive or the tennis lesson are reminders to remember. If you have the athlete in focus and want to direct the view, then a picture with the tennis racket in hand is enough. To achieve the blur, the image is taken with the help of telephoto from a distance and in addition the aperture wide open. The focus is on the radiant face of the future tennis ace. Or you accompany the action and take some snapshots in which you hold the movement. Either with short exposure time, or with draggers.

Take pictures with the remote control

If you are traveling with your family on vacation, you would like to take photos with your loved ones in beautiful surroundings. It is impractical, if always a person in the picture is missing, because they take the photos. With a remote trigger, the problem can be solved easily. Since not every camera is equipped with it, the conventional self-timer can be used to capture the holiday experiences of the whole family on the photo.

Just as important as the subject – the right time to take photos

With a good camera, beautiful pictures are created around the clock. Those who like to photograph beach scenes should remember that in southern regions the sun is almost perpendicular to the sky at noon. This creates shadows on faces, while the sunlight provides for a very hard light. For beach photos, the light is much cheaper in the morning and in the evening. Anyone who wants to learn to photograph learns that in the time just before or after sunrise and sunset ideal lighting prevail. The light appears softer and the photos look fresher. Sunrises and sunsets are also interesting photo opportunities, especially on the sea. It should be remembered that a short exposure time is sufficient for the reception of the bright sun.

It depends on the right perspective

The travel photography is not significantly different from other types of photography. If exciting holiday experiences are captured in the picture, the perspective is simply changed. While most of the photos are taken while standing, it’s also worth pausing for an interesting photo opportunity or even lying on the floor. Photographed from a frog’s perspective, photos also show beaches, family or sights from a completely different angle.

Tourist photos and photos in the city are usually taken in front of well-known sights, museums or churches and palaces. Contrary to the belief that the sun should always be behind the camera, photos taken with backlighting are often of particular interest when the shape and texture of the image can be captured. Also, a gray filter and tripod to extend the exposure time and make disturbing tourists disappear without violence from the photo.

Important when photographing: the lighting conditions

When learning to photograph, the lighting conditions play a special role, because light can be both hard and soft. Hard light is created by a small light source, soft light by a large light source. The focus of the viewer is also governed by the sharpness or blur of an image. Therefore, the main motive should be sharp, because it is the focus of attention. Blurred areas often remain in the background. With a blurred background, the person in the foreground is the focus. Finding the right balance is an art, because you direct the view of the observer: Too many elements and we often do not know where to look – too few elements and the content of the image can be lost. The more elements you bring to a picture, the heavier the picture becomes.

Taking pictures at the right moment

When photographing interesting sights such as palaces or other famous buildings, it is important to press the trigger at the right moment when no passers-by cross the path. Patience is also needed when motifs that move are to be captured on a photo. A visit to the zoo, the alligator farm crocodiles or the horse riding on the beach put the photographer’s patience to the test. If you take your time and take pictures in peace, you will be rewarded with vivid, original photos.


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