The Worst 8 SEO Faults Even Experts Make

Digital marketing is like playing drums. Everyone thinks you can do this. There are a lot of people who think that digital marketing can be done by targeting specific keywords, writing content, and adding keywords to pages. Though these are part of digital marketing, many people think that they can come from the top of the industry’s toughest jobs.

Sometimes it is necessary to step back and take a look at basic SEO knowledge and attributes rather than stepping forward. As Google and Bing’s algorithm continues to evolve and include new technologies to search, strategies that we implement must also evolve. It is difficult and annoying to make a series of different tasks like making content suitable for voice search, thinking mobile visitors, neglecting desktop visitors, pleasing social media followers.

You should not think that people who have problems in this are just you. Although certain things in the sector continue to change, certain principles remain the same. Besides, people continue to make the same mistakes.

You can find the 8 most common of these mistakes that even experts have made in this article.

SEO Problems

1. Creating Weak Internal Link Structure

As you continue to rise with content that you created on your site, you can start receiving simple internal link errors on your site. These built-in link problems can become much more annoying as they come together with 404-page faults and copy content problems.

The built-in link structure is one of the elements often ignored by site administrators. The built-in link structure is a valuable feature in terms of user experience and SEO strategy.

The built-in links offer the following benefits to your site:

  • They include explicit referrals for conversion pages.
  • The pages that are located in the depths of your site emit authority.
  • Users recognize extra possibilities to consume content on your site.
  • They help you to classify pages as optimized for your keyword.
  • They serve as a communication bridge between search engine scanners and your most important pages.

Sending your site’s XML sitemap from scratch will suffice to draw search engine scanners to your site.

In addition, you should use the noindex tag wisely by watching your robots.txt file. You should stay as far away from any kind of approach that would lock the way for search engine scanners.

In general, you need to reach the opening page of the page of your site with two clicks. You should try to update the site structure accordingly. During this update, you should not forget to use the latest and most up-to-date keywords in your pages.

You should make the most important page on your site and make the other page link outputs that will support it and strengthen the transition between pages. In the course of this work, you can considerably avoid problems with your site’s internal link configuration.

2. Creating content to create content

You need to create content to improve your brand’s awareness and authority. In addition, you should try to create content to improve your site’s index submission rate.

Once you have hundreds of pages on your site, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find relevant keywords for your industry. Since it is necessary to update the content strategy after this point, rape removal of standard content creation efforts seems to be the first option.

In some cases, we simply try to create content to have more content. In this case, we create content that is weak and useless. This kind of content also means you use our resources in an inefficient way.

To-users to create content-to-Transportation


You should not write content without performing a strategic keyword search. You should try to make sure that all the keywords you identify are appropriately included in the content. You should take care to use the keywords in the subtitles as much as they appear in the paragraph.

In this way, you can more easily describe the content of your content in search engines, and achieve a wide range of users’ search intentions.

You should try to create long-term content by separating your time. While creating these content, you should make sure that what is described in the content is applicable. However, you can always keep up-to-date by creating content that will not be defeated over time. You should not forget that you are not a journalist, you are a digital marketer.

You may need to spend months trying to optimize the content and be included in the search results on the first page. When doing all these work, you should try to stay behind the industry.

3. Produce non-valuable content in terms of link

One of Google’s most important ranking factors is the amount of quality links that pages have. Link quality is always more important than quantity.

Link building is at the center of digital marketing efforts. It is possible to link with the influence of visitor writers, personal communications, and sector directors. However, almost all of them are costly and can consume excessive resources.

The most important way to get links naturally is to produce quality content. You should try to produce some kind of quality content that people will want to link to.

It would be a far more accurate approach to produce strong content that would be able to gain links from natural routes rather than creating hundreds of visitors’ authoring content within a year. You will accomplish this when you create a content that anyone in your industry can use as a resource.

You should always try to produce long content and strive to add industry value. However, you can test different length types. You can try testing different types of content on your site in a similar way.

By spending to distribute the budget of your personal communication and sectoral direction to the people who are giving directions to you, you have accomplished much better and decisive work.

4. Do not Reach Users With Content

Creating the content alone is not enough. At the same time, you must start delivering content to people.

Many people are not as interested in content promotion as content production. Sharing the content you create on social media is not enough for this transportation. At the same time, you have to think about various alternatives such as paid advertisements.

Having your last content published at your blog address, social media channels, and email submissions is not enough. With this kind of work, you can achieve a certain amount of your target group.

If you want to create new acquisitions and new sales opportunities for your business, you should spend more time on promotional tactics. Some of these strategies are as follows:

  • Paid social campaigns
  • Targeted keywords used as a hashtag
  • Promote content with the help of industry leaders

Even if this is not easy, you should still be able to link to them by promoting the content you create. If you want to organically get more links, this should be your first goal.

5. Targeting the wrong keywords

Once you have created a long-lived content by taking time out of your content creation efforts, you should measure its performance. You should keep track of the amount of traffic that the content brings to your site.

The most important thing is that it does not bring as much traffic as a content, but the visit takes little time on the page and any conversion takes place. If you are faced with such a situation, you can be sure that you have targeted the wrong keyword.

You need to know that for the information-style queries, it’s as important as many of the long-tailed keywords. Sometimes certain mistakes can be made in this regard

  • You may not have evaluated search volumes and competitive position by location.
  • You may be too focused on high-volume phrases that do not convert.
  • You may have allocated too many resources for non-specific keywords.
  • You may have passed the click rate.
  • You may have placed irrelevant keywords in the content.
  • You may have passed the AdWords value.
  • You may have used keyword phrases in inappropriate content.
  • You may have chosen keywords that are not relevant to your target audience.

It is important to investigate keywords that will help you achieve successful results both in the field, both nationally and locally. You should communicate with your customers or your target audience in a way to understand what search queries they are trying to use. From there, you have to create the most relevant keyword list for yourself.

You can use Google or SEMRush’s keyword tool for this work. With these tools, you can have new keyword ideas. When setting keywords, you should remember that you need to do optimization work for both knowledge-based and commercial keywords.

do not appeal to the media for costly advertising

SEO consulting is not enough for business success. At the same time, it is necessary to make use of as much of the CPC keyword research and opening page performance as possible. If you put all of these in a single campaign, you might be more successful in your work.

Beyond these, you should try to understand your customer base better by performing audience analysis using Facebook and Twitter’s advertising platforms. Instead of focusing on undefined messages, you should strive to discover key phrases that can bring high conversions by combining paid media and SEO work.

7. Forget the native

Google’s Pigeon update has created a whole new space for local SEO work. It is possible to succeed locally with local directory reviews, structuring the Google My Business page, and a work package consisting of a local SEO trilogy. To understand the local significance, you can review the statistics below:

  • Approximately 50 percent of calls made from mobile devices enable a store to be visited during the day.
  • Nearly half of local mobile searches are made up of local business information.
  • 90 percent of people are doing research before a purchase is made.
  • Approximately 85 percent of people rely on examining additional personal recommendations.

When conducting keyword research, you need to consider two different points, local and national. If you are offering a local content, you should definitely address the intent of local users. If you add location information next to the keywords you are targeting, this will help you.

Even if many people want to grow on a national basis, local SEO is something that should never be ignored.

8. Regular Site Surveillance

One of the biggest mistakes SEO experts make is that they ignore checking their sites while continuing all their work. Performing a site check is much more accurate, especially if it is valuable after performing site move operations or adding a new add-on periodically.

There are certain technical errors that may occur on your site over time. These can be summarized as follows:

  • Copy content.
  • Broken links.
  • Extremely large visual dimensions and incorrect JavaScript implementations.
  • Unobserved meta tags.

The copy content problem can arise for a variety of reasons. Factors such as pagination or session ID are contributors that can cause copy content to occur. Using the “canonical tag” in terms of URL parameters will remove this problem altogether.

perform site inspection regularly

There is no such thing as no broken links. While modifying content on your site, these can occur when you update your pages. When you do this kind of process, you have to make the appropriate page 301 redirect. If you have 302 redirects on your site, you should make sure they resolve them because they are temporary redirects.

It’s even more important to keep your site eye-to-eye for mobile. Sensitive design in your site or the presence of AMP is not enough. You should be sure that you have compressed CSS and JS files into mobile design. You will need this for fast-opening pages.

Finally, you should keep an eye on what your existing content strategy is in the context of site monitoring. Most of the sectors are dynamic, so over time, certain services and services lose their importance.

You may need to redesign your site according to the offers you have submitted. To be able to show content to search engines and users on your site, you should try to present the content within a specific hierarchy.

You should conduct your keyword research and target audience surveys on a regular basis. In order to be able to discover new opportunities, you should try to be innovative in these works.

Everyone will be able to make certain mistakes while making an effort to be sure they are doing the best work. The rule to observe here is quite clear. You should check what you have done, stay away from resources that do not work and try to evaluate opportunities that might work.

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