TEST: Is Apple iPhone 5s Accelerating with iOS 12 Update?


The Apple iPhone 5s model was released in 2013. Apple’s third “S ini terminology was tried. This has become the company’s product cycle.

Despite its name, the iPhone 5s came with some great improvements compared to its predecessor. The most important of these is the fingerprint sensor, or the Touch ID feature, which we frequently encountered these days.

It was also the first phone to have a 64-bit processor, which is a very ordinary feature. We’re not even talking about that anymore. The list of firsts continues, as we all know, with the golden color of every phone. With the launch of the gold iPhone XS today, this trend that appears in the iPhone 5s seems to be resurrected.

It also came up with annual updates from the iPhone 5s, including a faster processor and improved camera than the previous year. It was also released with the controversial iOS 7, which was significantly improved.


That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. Five years after its launch, the iPhone 5s continues to receive major software updates, including the latest iOS 12 update.

But what’s more important is that this special version of iOS promises to improve performance, especially for older devices. We thought we could see if this claim was going on and we decided to do a test.

That’s why we’ve removed old iPhones to see how true all the rumors and claims are. This phone was active for four and a half years and was rarely used for the past few years.

iPhone updated regularly. So it was already installed iOS 11.4.1. Although we’ve stopped using this device on a regular basis over the past few years, we’ve checked every few weeks, especially when a new iOS version is released. That’s why we already knew what level of performance was.

Apple iPhone 5s load iOS 12 Update Installed?



The iOS 12 update went as you expected, but iPhone 5s reminded me again that devices are using a slower version of flash memory. Update on these devices is much slower than new models. That’s because Apple switched to the much faster NVMe storage interface with the iPhone 6s.

Was the iPhone 5s better now than with iOS 11? Suddenly he turned into an iPhone X or Apple has us fooled?

I’m sorry, but no IOS 12 update made iPhone 5s rocket wearing like a case. Apple has deceived us. But it was better than before.


With iOS 12, what stands out is largely about animation and transitions. When you switch from one state to another, opening and closing applications, opening a text box, waiting for the keyboard to open, you will see many animations when you pull up the Control Center.

Apple tightened most of these processes. It feels more agile now and you can move from one event to another very quickly.

One of the things that could not be shown by the criteria was the speed difference between iOS 11 and iOS 12. Indeed, in a Geekbench test, the results were just before and after the update.

The biggest bottleneck on an iPhone continues to be RAM. 1GB RAM in 2018 is less than some smartwatches. Especially since 2013, since the applications have become more severe, you cannot avoid this situation.

Multitasking is the biggest enemy of iPhone 5s. The phone works well if you use it with 3-4 applications. But if you start to open more; Applications start to close quickly. In addition, applications must take some time to reload. Again at this point, we are sticking to hardware limitations.

Whatever the iOS 12 update seems to be working well with the Apple iPhone 5s, and now not only gets an update on old iPhones, but they also get an update that makes them even better.

Does Apple iPhone 5s Run iOS 12?

At the end of our test oran Leave this to it and it is safe to install the update or will my phone slow down? “

Tır Yes you can install it will not slow down, but the acceleration also don’t expect much “.

Hopefully, this update will make old models a bit faster, but Apple’s magic thing is a recurring feature of future updates rather than a one-off thing.



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