PPC Pay-Per-Click Ads Budget Strategy

There are 99 ways to get more efficiency from your PPC campaigns and the budget is one of them. In general, budget-related issues are complemented by dialogues about raising it. This is not a bad recommendation, but sometimes you may not have the opportunity to do it.

Today we will look at certain components that will give you more opportunities and how to get more efficiency without playing too much on the budget by controlling these pieces.

Having More Deals: More Budget or Less Per Customer

Marketers often declare a duty to have more opportunities and define it as more sales or sales opportunities. The formula is always the same when creating a marketing plan for the boss or customer.

If we look at the high budget perspective, there are two main ways to achieve this:

  • Upgrade your budget
  • Less cost per transaction, CPA value.

It’s a very confusing analysis and meaningless for us. If the budget is fixed then we have a single chance: to be more effective.

Fast Gain: Splitting

One of the simplest ways to improve performance is to divide the budget into different directions. Try to get the best performance by rating your campaigns over the CPA value and creating a checklist.

The two simple gains are:

  • Save more budget for campaigns with low CPA values, do not go down here on the budget.
  • Check all campaigns for literary issues and drafts, but observe particularly high performance.

Cost per Action is Linked to Cost Per Click and Conversion Rate

We already know that we have no chance to upgrade our budget. For this reason, we need to take a closer look at the CPA value. What can we do to influence CPA value?

We need to consider another concept. We know that CPC and CVR – cost per click and conversion rates – make up CPA. For this reason, we should closely monitor the CPC value.

If we want to create more opportunities, we must reduce the CPA value and focus on either increasing the CPC value or improving the conversion rate. We can organize our high-budget strategy a bit further:

  • Raising the budget
  • Reduce cost per transaction, CPA value
  • Sharing the budget in the best performing campaigns
  • Raising conversion rates (if the CPC values rise more slowly than the CVR values)
  • Decrease cost per click (if CVR values rise more slowly than CPC values)

Improve CPC and CVR Values and Have Lower CPA

The real job is starting now. So far you have chosen the best and worst performing campaigns. In line with the amount you paid, you came to squeeze them.

Methods for Bad and Correct CVR Value

1. Removing poorly performing keywords, placements, and tags

  • Create a search terms report in the search pool and add negative keyword phrases
  • Bring out items with quotes that increase by -100
  • Take a look at mobile performance and consider bids that show a negative increase in bad

2. Consider the opening pages:

  • Simplify the testing phase using Optimizely, Unbounce and other tools

3. Improve the targeting. Look up values such as region, device, search network, time, and day by creating multiple panes. If there are any, find the ones that do not work. Consider getting more bids with lower bids or removing them.

How to Lower High CPC Values

Reduce your bids, especially for keywords and top 10 percent of placements

Improve your clickthrough rate by trying to choose the best ad types among all ad groups

Stop badly performing ads and test your innovations with tools like Boost Media or Adalysis

This is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you new ideas to have more opportunities.

Presumably, the completion and interchannel situation will become a problem, but these are the contents of a different topic.

Bring All Together

As a result, if you want to maximize your budget, you should consider what you can control. You should consider factors such as cost per click and conversion rates. By putting these factors forward and in the center, you can feel secure about squeezing every bang you spend on your budget.

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