Pareto for photographers

There is one rule that is not talked about much:

Show your best pictures and learn from your bad photos.

The Pareto principle

Pareto states that 80% of all crap is and 20% make up the good core, somehow. Here are some examples of Pareto:

  • 20% of the rich hold 80% of assets (now 5%)
  • The last 20% of the work costs you 80% of the time
  • 80% of sales are usually achieved with 20% of the products.
  • 80% of the turnover is often achieved by 20% of the customers.
  • 80% of calls are made with 20% of their saved contacts
  • 80% of your photos are “crap”.

Edit photos according to the Pareto principle

This “80% crap” you should not show, but limit yourself to the 20% of your work, which are great. If you take 1000 photos of a wedding, please do not show the 1,000 photos, even if you save the work and you’re done faster. Show 200 photos. A maximum of 350. With the remaining 80%, you should do one thing for it, and use it for learning.
The questions help you:

  • What did not work here?
  • Which light was available?
  • How did I build the picture?
  • Why do not I like the picture?
  • How could I have improved the picture?

True to the motto reduction & intensification, your results will not only look better, they’ll be better too.


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