Mobile and Desktop SEO: Is It Really Different?

Mobile SEO is becoming more and more important every day. However, those who work in this area should pay attention to mobile SEO as well as desktop SEO work. Well, can a work done for someone not affect another? You normally expect it to work, but everything may not be as simple as it sounds.

A good and rich content standard SEO needs, natural link portfolio and semantic keyword improvements are important for both workgroups. However, there are other factors that need to be considered when the environment is mobile. Local listing improvements, Apple and Google Maps, Voice search, and mobile site presence are among these.

Mobile SEO Optimization

Local Listing Improvements

You may have heard so much about local listing today. However, you can get a clearer picture of when you are searching on mobile. Each of the sites above the top of the mobile search has performed local listing improvements. Using local listing improvements is a great advantage especially for businesses with low competition intensity.

Even if you do not have many people to see you on mobile and visit your business, you should not throw away mobile search results. Positioning in the top positions in mobile searches will give the operator and markan an advantage in every respect. The main reason for the recent trends in local listing and local SEO is to take full advantage of this advantage.

Apple and Google Maps

Two of the world’s most popular operating systems on the mobile arena must absolutely evaluate iOS and Android’s map applications. The ever-increasing use of mobile devices is an opportunity for people to make mobile calls to the forefront and to try to view places even on maps.

In addition to local improvements, you need to make improvements to map services provided by Apple and Google. Even if a large percentage of businesses are making improvements to Google Maps, they do not think much about Apple Maps. To turn this into an advantage, you need to do the necessary work for both services.

Voice call

You might think that the voice search features on iOS and Android platforms do not work. Perhaps you have not used them at all, but being able to search users effortlessly is a situation that will gain more importance in the coming years. It is in your hand to turn it into a fling.

You should strive to improve your site for voice calls and to do SEO work on it. You need to move your arms around and get on the move before it’s too late to take advantage of the ever-increasing voice calls.

Mobile Presence

You may have heard many times about the increased usage of mobile devices, the rise of mobile searches, and the importance of mobile conversions. Even if you have a small business, you should show your mobile site presence. At present, many companies are not making the leap to transform their official sites into mobile compatible. If you are a small business, you should be brave about mobile-friendly sites. This will both affect your competition with your competitors and help you with mobile searches.

Search engine giant Google considers mobile compatibility a ranking factor. Most of the non-mobile-compatible sites are backed by search results, and mobile-compatible sites are highlighted. To take advantage of these advantages, you should take care to ensure that your site is absolutely mobile-friendly.

Is Mobile SEO really different from desktop SEO work? The answer to this question is definitely yes. Now you should pay attention to mobile SEO as well as desktop SEO. You must make extra effort to raise your presence.


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