How Marketing has changed in Pakistan

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Since ages, we have known marketing to be a crucial department for any business to grow and sustain. To some extent, in developed nations traditional marketing seems to be abandoned but in Pakistan traditional marketing is still alive and with the boom of digital marketing it has been observed that it is adopted by most of the organizations in Pakistan. With the coming of e-commerce in Pakistan, it has set a trend of digital marketing and it is used by different industries of the country. Today we will be discussing the traditional marketing and digital marketing and how it has changed the market of Pakistan.
Let us first see the differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Traditional Marketing

  • It cannot be measured and
  • Marketers cannot have an idea that how effective the campaigns were.
  • It is not cost effective
  • Difficult to target specific audience
  • It is a one-way communication and
  • Marketers has to conduct surveys to identify the results.
  • Includes: Press releases, newspaper adverts, billboards, radio, Television commercials, cold calling etc.

Pitfalls of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is like pushing your message to the market without a clear target market. It is a one way communication, marketers find it nearly impossible to evaluate the return for the expenditures that are done to market a product. Radio, tv commercials and print ads are more expensive compared to SEM and SMM used in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Easy to target specific audience of the market.
  • Word of mouth is spread across social media.
  • Social Media platforms are free and they are effective to communicate with customers.
  • Digital marketing is cost-effective.
  • It can be easily measured.
  • Paid adverts are still cheaper than traditional marketing mediums like billboards.
  • Includes: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Video Sponsoring etc.

Pitfalls Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing adverts are thought to be manipulative, especially when it comes to online shopping in Pakistan, hundreds of adverts are bombarded during the big events like white Fridays, Ramzan, Eid and Pakistan Super League. This re-marketing adverts by leading e-commerce websites lead to frustrated customers. They are approached by every channel available on digital marketing like: email, social media, in-app ads, text messages, search and display ads.

It is suggested by many traditional marketers that leaders of paid adverts Google and Facebook should exchange data or there should be some authority to verify that the statistics provided by campaigns are real and it is not manipulated by bots.

Stick to Traditional or Go for Digital?

Obviously one should consider going for digital marketing but should not abandon traditional marketing completely.
E-commerce industry is expanding and mostly online shopping in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore are carried via social media and paid adverts because billboards and other traditional mediums are considered expensive for e-commerce. Furthermore, billboards has been banned by the high court in the biggest of Pakistan.

A Savvy Decision

The successful e-commerce businesses in Pakistan are going for both, neglecting the importance of traditional marketing in a country like Pakistan can be harmful for an organization. The leading e-commerce brands are taking traditional and digital marketing side-by-side. They have their PR and digital marketing departments.
There are press releases, strategic alliances, offline marketing like events in shopping malls. Whereas for digital: social media adverts, search engine adverts, customer relationship management via email, text messages and call, mobile app adverts, pop-ups and countless other methods are used to approach their customers.


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