Increase CTR Click-through Rate Using Search Console

Until today, you may have read numerous comprehensive guides about Google Search Console (Search Console). Each of these guides may have provided you with a wealth of information about this tool in depth, but in this article, you will find some information that is not quite known as a site manager.

Comprehensive guides can bring you a lot of information you do not want besides the information you want. While reading these tutorials, you may get tired too much or avoid browsing the contents in detail. If the situation is Search Console in fact, it is possible to find much more than what is written in comprehensive guides.

The Search Console has a lot of features, some of which are far more important than others because browsing the site can offer you very different new opportunities. Being aware of them as a site manager and using them to upgrade their CTRs can take you one step ahead of your competitors.

Before you begin, you should not forget to log in to your Search Console account. The first place you will visit after logging in is to browse the area where you can see all the search queries that are driving traffic. These data are not included in the Google Analytics tool, but there are placeholder words in their place. However, it is possible to find search terms that bring you traffic through the Search Console.

To do this, after logging in to your Search Console account, simply click on the Search Analysis tab in the Search Traffic section. The resulting data will include information on many search terms, keywords, and pages that provide traffic.

How to Use the Search Console Tool to Upgrade to CTR

You can explore everything in more detail by taking advantage of sections such as options, filters, and data ranges in the Search Analytics section. If you sort your data by the amount of impressions, you can find the page with the highest visibility, but at the same time you can browse their TO rate.

What you will find here is precisely that all the pages need specific arrangements. Maybe you even want to use structured data. You should make changes to the pages with the lowest RO values in the top row. Perhaps you could consider adding meta descriptions, editing title tags, or making more edits within the page.

  • You should be sure that the most important keywords specified for the page appear in the meta description section.
  • You should be sure that the most important keywords are listed on the title tag.
  • You should make meta descriptions more relevant and more meaningful.
  • You should make the meta descriptions as relevant as possible to the page content.
  • Meta descriptions should be 135-160 characters long.
  • You must ensure that the title tag is within 50-55 characters, including spaces.
  • You should make sure that the <h1> tag is different than the other title tags.
  • You must change meta descriptions and title tags that are similar or duplicate.
  • If you make the right edits to the Rich Snippet, you should make sure that you are using Schema formatting and similar qualities.

After you’ve done all this, you should check out what’s going on for 30 days. After making these minor changes, the change will make you happy a bit. You may see that some pages have increased in CTR.

Speaking over average values, your site will increase your CT amount by 2.5% to 3.5% over a one month period. You should remember that these are minimum numbers. However, you should add them to the account as seasonal changes, algorithm changes, general site health, and other factors can lead to a different result.

Even if there are no major changes to what you’re doing here, you can achieve a higher ROI on your site with minor changes. Maybe you can think of doing an experiment before doing the edits. However, you should consider making these changes especially for writings that do not lose value over time.

You should always try to evaluate each of the data you get through the Search Console. You can increase the CTRs of your site pages through the search analysis section. You should try to make initial changes using low-RO sites using the most basic SEO techniques.


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