How to use Google Publications for your business

By the end of June, Google made the new Google Messages in the Google My Business Indicator Tab public. How will this affect your business? All companies, including small businesses, should use Google posts, i.e. Google publications. An easy-to-use feature that can help you perform valuable customer transactions for your business. How to use Google Publications for your business

Many businesses are still unaware of Google publications. How to use Google Posts What are Google Posts?

What is Google Posts?

With Google Publishing, your business can share their posts when they search for branded keywords, or they can link users to a page on your website. Publications will appear in the information panel of such queries immediately, as in the example image I created for a post that links to one of my most recent blog articles.

Messages end after 7 days, so you should post frequently and you can have 10 messages at a time. The first two will appear immediately in the information panel and users will need to examine your profile to see the others. Each shipment can be up to 300 words with one image, but only the first 100 characters will appear in the information panel, so use them wisely!

Ways to Benefit from Google Publications

There are a number of ways to use Google Publishing to further your business goals and you should try to find out what works for you. Here are 4 ideas for starting:

  • Sales and Promotions – Ensure that your customers are aware of your promotions by making them appear instantly to anyone looking for your mark. If you’ve created a landing page for your sale, you can also link shoppers directly to the right page.
  • Product Showcases – Do you have a new product you want to show? Google Publications is a great way to make sure that you see it
  • Events – Of course, you can use the event diagram to mark your events and make them appear in the information panel, but Google Messaging allows you to further control the message with an additional call-to-action message.
  • Articles – Maybe you’ve recently published a great article and you want to have more visibility in your content. Google Publishing makes it easy, and you can see how many times each post appears in search engine results by visiting your
  • Google My Business dashboard. We also recommend that you use utm parameters for any connection. So you can see how much traffic is generated by your broadcast to better understand the value.

How to create a Post?

Creating a new Google Post is easy. Go to your Google My Business indicator table at and click on the feeds in the left-hand navigation. From here, if you want to link people on your website to a page, you have the option of inserting your picture, writing text, and selecting a call to action. If you’re not sure about anything, you can also visit Google support for some of the best practices for creating a great shipment.

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