Google Maccabees Algorithm Update And You Need To Know

Before entering the holiday season, Google has released a series of “small changes” that affect many of the sites’ SEO work. After this change, some of the website owners stated that they lost 20-30% of their traffic. Later analyzes attempted to determine what changed with Google’s update. After a while, everything began to emerge and it turned out that Google’s Maccabees update changed.

Important points

The basic details you need to know about updating Maccabee are:

The update on 12 December 2017 affected the traffic volume of many sites.
It appears that the update is affecting sites with too many keyword variations, unnecessary landing pages, and too many affiliate program contents.
It has been observed that most of the sites suffering from traffic loss have made similar landing pages into a single page.


Maccabees Algorithm Update What exactly is it?

Google has been constantly making changes to its algorithm for years, but the Maccabees update is not a change that can be seen under small changes. Because this update has made changes to the core algorithm. The core algorithm basically works as follows:

  • Determine the relevance level of a page to a search query made
  • Determine how links in the search engine results page are affected by links
  • Determine the value of the content in a page

What really changed Maccabees? We do not know this precisely because we are avoiding sharing information about our algorithm as much as possible. One week after the initial changes, Google agreed with Danny Sullivan to update, but he said updating is not important.

After a period of time after the update was published, it was attempted to determine how the sites were affected from updating in line with the analysis work done in many places. In the direction of these analyzes, it is less obvious what exactly and how the Maccabees update is aiming.

Who Makes Updates?

According to the information generated from the analyzes made, the following criteria emerged:

  • The updated update did not add sites of the same type. Many sites, including ecommerce, travel, blog and affiliate program sites, have been affected without updating.
  • Maccabees update has been found to influence sites that focus on keyword variations. Such sites have several landing pages for similar content, but the content headings and keywords are different. Think of a travel site as creating multiple landing pages with the same content using different titles such as “Cheap Antalya Vacation”, “Antalya Vacation for Budget”, “Cheap Vacation in Antalya”. Such sites have received from the update in question.
  • Sites with poor content, too many ads, and many affiliate program links were affected from the update.
  • Wikipedia, IMDb, Twitter and Instagram addresses such as the names of famous names that have not fallen in the official sites of the serious traffic diminished.

In essence, the Maccabees update has helped Google to target sites that have high readability and quality content. The biggest problem here for sites and SEO experts is that they have to change keywords and landing pages. In all studies focused on solutions targeting long-tailed keywords, these changes have become one of the most important strategies in the short term.

What can you do about updating?

It is not efficient to be able to respond to every algorithm update that Google publishes an SEO strategy. However, updating the Maccabees is seen as an update that will have long-term effects. This update also has a number of changes that indicate that you need to focus on good content. It is seen as one of the ideal solutions to focus on high-quality informative content and readability priority content in this update.

The most important changes that need to be made are the renewal of the opening pages created by filling out the keyword at the beginning. Focusing on the long-tailed SEO strategy is an excellent solution, but it is necessary to do so in accordance with its rule. If you are constantly creating different landing pages for similar content, you should now know that you need to concentrate on a single page. Instead of creating too many keywords at the same time, you should try to explore the best keywords that match each other. Then you have to produce content of high quality and high relevancy level.

Instead of having multiple landing pages, you should create pages that are rich in content and contain multiple keywords. But here again you should stay away from keyword stuffing. You should make your page as natural as possible. Google’s algorithm is getting smarter every day and can see keyword stuffing efforts. People will thank you for offering readable content. For this reason, you should not try to focus more than three or four keywords on a page.

If you have aggressive advertising on your site, you should not forget that your site will be penalized. If you use ads everywhere or make them unreadable by using the ads on your main content, you can be affected negatively from this update. Similarly, if you use too many affiliate links, your SEO rankings will be negatively affected.

It is obvious what this algorithm is aiming at. You have to produce content that people will enjoy from afar. This way you can achieve pages that will be loved by Google’s algorithm.

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