Galaxy A7 2018 All Features – September Release

Galaxy A7 2018

Galaxy A7 2018

We have been talking for a long time that Samsung will renew its mid-segment smartphone models. The smartphone will be the new Galaxy A7 2018 model. We have also shared a lot of information about this model before.

Now the official information is available for the series that is expected to colorize the middle segment. The new Galaxy A7 2018 smartphones are viewed through the official site. The features of the phones were quite remarkable. Let’s go to the details of the new model immediately.

Galaxy A7 2018

When we look at the images published for the Galaxy A7 2018 model, we see that these smartphones will use 3 cameras. On the back of the phone will use 3 rear cameras of consecutive cameras will attract a lot of attention. The flashlight will be located if the camera is just under 3 camera strings. In addition, there are no fingerprint sensors on the rear cover. Only the 3 camera design in the rear door draws our attention.

Galaxy A7 2018


When we look at the front of the phone we see a screen near the endless screen. There are thinner frames on both the top and bottom frames, but there is no phone-ridden phone. On the side, the frames are even thinner. But as we said, a frameless smartphone is not in question.

Display Features

The details for the design part of the new model are more or less in this way. The design of the phone is quite successful for mid-segment models. We also see successful features on the screen. The phone uses a 6-inch display with a Full HD + resolution. Super AMOLED display technology in the Galaxy A7 2018, the widescreen ratio is remarkable.


Display Features

Galaxy A7 2018 Technical Details

The phone’s technical features exactly reflect the mid-segment series. Samsung is expected to use the A8 processors, which will use the Exynos 7885 processors. We have seen the performance values of the processors that are running at 2.2 GHz and have 8 cores.


Two different options are expected in RAM. In the first model, the amount of 4 GB of RAM memory and the second model will be 6 GB RAM. A battery of 3300 mAh will appear in the battery.

How will the cameras be?

We came to the most striking part of this model. The Galaxy A7 2018 smartphones will feature 3 front and 1 front camera. The rear camera has an aperture of f / 1.7 for the 24 MP main camera. The second camera has an 8 MP wide-angle lens. The last camera is 5 MP and with this camera, the depth sensor will be used.




The wide angle lens used in the rear cameras has an angle of 120 degrees and the use of an extra camera for depth detection will greatly enhance the quality of the picture. In the front camera part, we will see a camera with a aperture of f / 2.0 at 24 MP.

This is how the Galaxy A7 2018 model came out. The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 smartphones will be held on 11 October. During the official presentation, we expect information such as price and release date. The expected price is around $ 400.



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