Autumn photos – ideas, tips and tricks

Photo lessons have been part of my livelihood for some years and it’s always fun. It is often a pity to lose touch with the participants, or they do not take the camera as often as they would like after the class, as there are no photo ideas except the typical suspects.

Autumn is on and the leaves keep falling. The sun is low and slowly you can torment models really nice when you photograph them in too thin clothes in the open air. Here are some photo ideas to unpack the camera more often in the rest of the fall.

Tips for autumn photos

The colors are what autumn is all about. Just like the slow decay of the leaves, the wind and the rain or the sun breaking through clouds.

Pay attention to how the light plays with the colors – your camera will often fail to capture a perfect moment, be it through backlight, the wrong metering or challenging lighting situations.

Experiment with your exposure times and see if you like over or underexposure better. The gray zero in the light meter, so the neutral gray that your camera would like to reproduce, the colors do not do it justice. The emphasis on individual elements, which are just wonderfully illuminated, you underline the best with about 1-2 f-stops less light, so that the background moves exactly where he belongs and does not distract from the main theme. To capture the perfect colors of leaves in backlight, you should try out which exposure you like best. A slight underexposure (0.5-1 f-stop) usually intensifies the colors here, a slight overexposure gives the picture a light and bright appearance. Just try it.

10 ideas for your autumn photos

Here are a few ideas to help you play wonderfully during the fall. The first chestnuts have fallen, the leaves change color and the beginning of autumn was on 22.09.

  • Repeating patterns – in autumn they are everywhere: leaves, branches, colors, …
    Autumn light – autumn light is the most beautiful light, because the sun is low, and the leaves provide for the golden autumn.
  • Fall colors – red, brown, yellow. The summer is boring with its green against the fall and so arise in this weather, the most beautiful portraits with colorful background and great bokeh.
  • Wildflowers, harvest time and pumpkins – in autumn, most vegetables are harvested, it’s Halloween and we fill our pantries. The ideal time to deal with the products of nature photographically.
  • Long shadows – the shadows are not short, but long, and are especially good for capturing, playing, and having fun in photos.
  • Cold – it is cold, but not so cold that it is uncomfortable. The cold is a nice element for photos, which is particularly exciting in portraits.
  • Kastanienmännchen – play like a child and start building! Go, matches, chestnuts and off for that.
  • Full of nuts – chestnuts, beechnuts, hazelnuts, leaves, everything falls down and is perfect for experimenting with still lifes. Whether top view or arranged.
  • End – autumn is the metaphorical end, the age, the lifeline of life. Gloomy motives are here the beginning and the play with the transience takes its course.
  • The danger of accidents – especially autumn he has it in itself. Wet leaves, danger of slipping, safety, first frost, come too late, there are many topics that you can photographically implement here.
  • Flying leaves – the most classic fall motif of the fall motifs. Flying leaves, because in the sunshine there are not many things that are more beautiful in autumn.


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