App Store SEO: Ranking Rising Method 24

2 million and still continues to increase. This is the number of apps in the iOS App Store. It is possible to find thousands of applications in each category and subcategories of each main category. 65% of users are still using the App Store to download apps, and Apple continues to make regular payments to developers. For this reason, if your app is not included in search results, you might lose money day to day.

There are certain tactics, such as in-page and out-of-page, when working on the App Store app pages, just like SEO work on sites. By using these tactics, it is possible to do the App Store SEO work. Each of these tactics will ensure that your application gets more downloads and is more visible.


App store App SEO

App store App SEO

1. You must not exceed the 100-character limit when choosing keywords

Apple offers you the opportunity to select specific keyword phrases for your App Store listing. The search algorithm shows your application, as a result, using these keywords. For this, you need to choose the most appropriate keywords that describe your application.

There is a limit of 100 characters for keywords. You should not use long tail keywords, you should not refer to the plural suffixes, you should not include it in the name of the app. Most importantly, you should not make typos in keywords. You should separate keywords with commas and not use spaces.

2. Do not exceed the 50-character limit when choosing the descriptive app head

If you are not a big brand, you will not be easily remembered by your users. Taking this scenario into consideration, it is extremely important to use keywords in the introduction title. On this page, you can instantly see what kind of application they will download. For this, you should choose a title consisting of about 50 characters and keywords.

3. You should avoid using generic terms in the application title

Using generic words such as “photos” or “music” in app titles may not want to load your app as it may confuse users’ heads. You need to be careful not to choose a generic word in the application title.

You should also try to be absolutely original when choosing a practice title. Some malicious developers try to mislead users by copying the titles of popular applications. When Apple detects such practices, it is forbidding the app in the App Store.

4. You should not use names of brands or brands in keywords

This is one of the strict guidelines in the App Store developer guide. If you do not have permission, you will not be able to use the names, protected names or brands as keywords. If your practice is not an official application of this kind or you do not have the necessary permissions to use such words, you should never resort to this. If you take the path with this kind of approach, Apple will reject your application directly.

5. Add keywords to topics

Having descriptive keywords in the titles will increase your app’s availability by about 10%. This figure, supported by the data, is extremely important for application visibility. If you do not want to break this opportunity, you should play according to the rules of the game and use keywords in the titles.

6. You should choose categories that define the basic functions of your application

The App Store search algorithm evaluates categories at the same time as providing results to users. When choosing a category, you need to focus on the basic functions of your application. For example, an application registered under Facebook social networks is an application registered under Instagram photos and videos. Although the specific functions of both applets are the same and Instagram is seen as a social network, this is exactly the way of categorization.

7. Make application description user-friendly

The application explanations section is one of the most important ways of telling people what the application is doing. If you want to make the application description better, you can follow these simple steps:

  • You should separate paragraphs and use bullets when necessary.
  • You should provide social evidence such as user essays or press reviews.
  • You should mention the benefits of the application.
  • You should add various information such as version numbers, recent updates, debugs, and more.
  • You should add links to your site address or user support address.

8. You must optimize the first few lines in the description

The information on Apple’s developer page shows how users see the explanations. At first they see only a few lines and if they click on more links they can reach other information in the description.

If you neglect to mention the most important aspects of your practice in the first few lines of explaining what you are preparing, you will waste more than half of all the work you do. That’s why you should try to get your most impressive copy of text by writing your time to write more interesting descriptions.

9. You should try to target keywords with low recency and low search volume

To put it another way, you should try to catch big fish in a small boat instead of catching small fish in the big boat. Using keyword research tools, you should identify keywords with low search volume and low competition. Once you have as much social reputation and authority as competence, you can try not to target more competitive keywords.

App Store SEO

App Store SEO

10. You need to add two screenshots showing your best features

According to a survey by Storemaven, about 60% of the users are not interested in waiting after the first two screens. You should try to optimize your screenshots in the best way possible by staying true to the data in this study:

  • You should add high-quality screen images.
  • In the first two visuals, you should provide the best features of your application.
  • You should communicate the messages you want to convey to the user in an impressive way with
  • the cover text or footnotes.
  • For better readability, you should try to choose a plain background color.

11. With the banner frame outlined, you should include the application’s usage videos in the description section

Apple recommends using 15 to 30 second short videos that highlight the functions of the application. You should make sure that you use the banner frame you have prepared or prepared, and you will be careful not to attract the attention of the users.

Research shows that these types of videos bring about 25-30% more conversions and contribute to the availability of the application. By using these video clips, you can also make your users find your brand more interesting.

12. You should never neglect localization

The sources of income from applications can vary widely geographically. if you register your application in English only, you will be able to address many people across the globe. However, if you are going to spread your application globally, you should definitely do localization work:

  • You need to adapt the application head to the place.
  • You should make the keywords compatible.
  • You need to make the first few lines of the explanations fit in place.

If you want to increase the amount of conversions after performing these steps, you should take care to change the other parts as well:

  • You need to change the screenshots.
  • You need to change the videos.
  • You must change the currency and date format.
  • You have to change the description.
  • You should include local reviews in assessments.

13. You should regularly update your app to adapt to Apple’s policies

Apple does not leave applications that have not been updated for a long time. Regularly updated apps, such as Google’s award-winning sites, show Apple that developers are striving to deliver a better user experience. However, Apple removes obsolete or abandoned apps from the App Store.

In addition, you should be sure that your application complies with Apple’s policy changes. This is one of the most important rules of doing an App Store optimization. You should also keep an eye on how you see all the changes you make in the application store.

14. You must edit the application icon

People who use the App Store recognize and recognize your app by their icons. For this reason, you should try to make your icon look eye-catching. The research suggests that icons with a simple structure and a limited number of colors are on the foreground.

Users want icons to look good and have transition effects. If it is not easy to design a rememberable App Store app icon, you can use Apple’s guidelines to get it right.

You have to make use of people to find unique key words

Even if enough keyword tools are available, it is still necessary to follow a different path to find high quality keyword phrases. The main problem here is that the person or persons you will be competing will use the same key word. So it would not be wrong to think that more than one person will try to rank for the same keyword.

For this reason, you should ask people how they found your practice not to stick to keyword research tools. You might consider using services like Amazon Mechanical Turk for this. Using such services, you can achieve the most appropriate keywords that are the result of analysis.

15. You have to make use of people to find unique keywords

Even if enough keyword tools are available, it is still necessary to follow a different path to find high quality keyword phrases. The main problem here is that the person or persons you will be competing will use the same key word. So it would not be wrong to think that more than one person will try to rank for the same keyword.

For this reason, you should ask people how they found your practice not to stick to keyword research tools. You might consider using services like Amazon Mechanical Turk for this. Using such services, you can achieve the most appropriate keywords that are the result of analysis.

16. You should use competitive keyword research tools

Once you start working on app store optimization and keyword research, you should look at the keywords your competitors are using.

Using tools such as AppCodes, AppTweak, SensorTower, or Mobile Action, you can see which applications are competing for which keywords they are trying to sort.
Using the SEMRush tool, you can find places with authority in the related keywords in your own niche.
Such competitive keyword tools can help you stay competitive by perceiving the user’s intent to search, and at the same time, it may even prevent competitors from discovering your weak points.

17. You should check the keywords regularly

You should follow the sequence of your key words just as they are on the sites. You should be careful with the new key words that may arise at the same time. You can add keywords using the keyword tools above. So when you get to the place, you will be able to discover new keywords.

seo for Playstore

seo for Playstore

18. Remember to perform the A / B test

Everything that can be confronted, including app icons, screenshots, descriptions, keywords and videos, is important for App Store optimization. It turns out that 25-30% conversion increase is experienced when optimizing and changing the research videos and screenshots for conversion figures.

To get started, you need to identify high-visibility headlines, descriptions, images and videos, and then strive to optimize other elements to ensure a good result.

19. You must request voting and evaluation from satisfied users

Evaluations and votes are crucial to understand whether the applications are accepted by users. Since this is important both for other users and for Apple, you should approach this issue with caution.

Although the users are not very warm to evaluate, they will not come back if something goes wrong and leave a negative comment. It may be a good idea to follow these steps if top-ranked applications are always considered to respond to evaluations with a positive approach:

  • You should try to make sure that you are satisfied with your application by monitoring the user behavior in the application.
  • You can ask an in-app question that appears as yes or no to let users know if they like the app.
  • You should highlight the positive votes and assessments of your practice and try to avoid negative decisions by giving positive feedback to them.

20. You must change your revenue model or marketing strategies

If you want to increase the downloading volume of your app in the short term, you can follow these simple steps:

  • You can make short discounts for paid facilities.
  • You can make sweepstakes in cooperation with AppSumo
  • You can make special discounts for visitors in online communities, on blog sites or at places you can promote like this.

Each of these one-time activities will provide significant increases in the number of downloads of your app, and at the same time will help boost App Store rankings. If you do your planning well in such marketing efforts, you can succeed to be in the top row.

21. You should be involved in product hunting

Product avi is a situation that will greatly increase the visibility of your application. If you succeed in being on the Product Hunt homepage you can get too much load and interaction in the short vault. Newly published product hunt effect for implementing is one of the easiest ways to overcome the seven day challenging Apple range. In this way you can manage your rank in an easier way because the product avi will be able to provide you with enough user activity per day.

22. You can try using search ads on the App Store

You can see that search ad deliver a 50% conversion increase for both large developers and independent developers, regardless of whether you’ve viewed data from published App Store search ads. The amount payable per upload is more than 80% of all other advertising platforms, so you can turn it into a flyer. You can start creating ads right away by joining the Apple App Store advertising platform.

23. You should try to take advantage of Apple’s 19 keywords

Research shows that certain keywords need to be bypassed while preparing explanations in the optimization process. Although the keywords in this list are foreign languages, you should consider using them. iPad, iPhone, free, primary category name, secondary category name, for (for), by (for example). You can go out of this knowledgeable path and try to make better choices in the 50-character title field and the 100-character keyword field.

24. You can make keywords that become trends

You can turn things into trends. For example, during the US presidential election, “Trump” in the App Store search results resulted in about 2,100 results, while “Hillary” in the App Store results in about 334 results.

Even if this is just an example, you can use the keywords for periodic activities to put your application in the foreground. For example, if you have been running a kind of running and sports, you can try to raise awareness of the practice by showing the route to special events such as the Istanbul Marathon. So you can use the Istanbul Marathon keyword and try to achieve high ranking.

The App Store optimization process consists of all the ongoing work. Each of the tips here will help you through the App Store optimization process. If you want to get very good results from these methods, you should definitely try to examine each step in more detail. As mentioned here, you can make your application better than 95% of other developers, even if you are just a simple step.

You can post all your questions about App SEO with comments.




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