Anchor Text and Influence on SEO

There is a lot of information about anchor text.

However, depending on the content you are reading, you may think that you need to do the two things I share below:

A) Upgrade your site on Google search engine and use rich text links to get better ranking results!
B) Avoid installing a single anchor text link, or you may face a penalty that will prevent you from being included in search results forever!


Is it real?

This is hidden in a lot of SEO facts and is waiting for us. For this reason today, we will dive deep into the subject. As always, we prepared our content taking into account the data.


Anchor Text


Let’s start by defining exactly what the anchor text is and how it affects the search order;

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text specifies visible and clickable words used to link one web page to another.

Example: This culled, Raja A Rehman is an anchor.


Anchor Text Types

SupposeĀ Raja A Rehman publishes an article that he wants a good ranking result for the keyword “seo recommendation for e-commerce sites”. Here are some ways that other websites can choose to link to us:

  • Exact Match – Anchor text, full keyword phrase requesting to sort our articles:
    Raja A Rehman’s new content “SEO Proposals for E-Commerce Sites” is on air. We recommend that you examine it absolutely.
  • Partial Match – the link text contains the keyword phrase we want to rank:
    Raja A Rehman presents new information about the digital marketing sector on the blog site. We recommend that you always take a look at the SEO suggestion for e-commerce sites, one of the newest content.
  • Marked – anchor text is the name of our mark:
    Raja A Rehman is a member of a blog site that publishes the most up-to-date Digital Marketing content.
  • Nude URLs – the anchor text is a ‘naked’ URL (as seen in a browser):
    Raja A Rehman ( is a blogging site that offers specific content and strategies for the Digital Marketing industry.
  • The generic – link text is a general, ambiguous expression that does not contain the target keyword. (Ie ‘click here’, ‘this site’, ‘this post’).
    Raja A Rehman is a website that offers special content for Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media and many more categories. Click here to visit the website.
  • LSI Keyword – anchor text is synonymous with or closely related to the target keyword.
    Raja A Rehman is a digital marketing source which is among the top 5 sites in MediaCat Power 100 (world’s most popular marketing, brand, advertising, media, communication, social media and digital blogs).


Other types of anchors include:

  • Author – your name will be anchor text.
  • Title Tag – your page title is hovered. Usually this is also a partial match.
  • Image Links – the anchor text can be an anchor.





How Does Anchor Text Affect Search Engine Rankings?

Search engines use link texts that link to a page (which we can consider here as Google) as an indicator of the page; That is, anchor texts are recognized as key words that need to be sorted on the search result page. If you do not use a single keyword, you will not have any problems unless you use a majority of anchor text types.


Google Fights Against Manipulative Anchor Texts

The anchor text allows many web sites to be placed on the first page of the Google search engine. Thanks to the backlink sources he had taken, this could have taken place in a very short time. The Google search engine engineers who noticed that it handled the anchor text in a comprehensive way, and quickly made the following comment: “Anchor Texts should only contain your mark. Something else is being manipulated and punished by Google. ”

What you need to do: Your keyword density should definitely be brand-focused. Density should be given to the mark. The density of other keywords should not exceed 3%.


Does Anchor Text Still Affect The Order?

Of course yes! You still have the effect, but you should carefully read the content I share above to determine your strategy accordingly. If the anchor text does not come from quality sources anymore, it is not an effect either.

What are your relevant opinions on this topic? If you want to share, you can use the comment part.

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