81 Steps Applicable to Success in SEO

You might be wasting your time during the day to think about the right SEO tactics that will benefit your company.

It is not always easy to create an SEO strategy development plan for a site since there is no one-sided approach to SEO. Do you know what you need to do to solve this problem that you may encounter frequently?

There are so many Google ranking factors that you need to consider SEO. Do you know which of these should be given priority?

What important aspects of your SEO efforts should you focus on? How can you be sure which direction will benefit you? What can you do to control and implement each one?

All of these questions have some answers. For these answers, you should consider the following on-site and off-site techniques. Here is the checklist you need if you want your site to get a good ranking in the search engines.

To solve your SEO problems, you can take advantage of 75+ applicable steps in two different ways, on-site and off-site. Each of these steps will help you to have a high ranking in search engines.

#Site for SEO Checklist

81 Steps Applicable to Success in SEO 1


1. You must have a unique domain name to create a brand

To be a brand you must always have a unique domain name. If your site does not have a unique domain name, it is impossible to be a brand.

2. Country TLD Attachment

The TLD belonging to the countries adds strength to the domain name. If you are going to create a business site, you should get your domain name as a com. This gives you a huge advantage in local sorting. However, if you have global goals, the TLD contribution of countries will not be suitable for you.

3. You must be connected to www or non-www domain name

It is important to have continuity in search engines. For this reason you should choose one of the www or non-www versions for your domain name. If you have not chosen, you should direct that you have chosen 301 directing. In other words, a version must be opened compulsorily.

4. You must use semantic formatting to improve the ordering

Semantic modifiers provide search engine robots with information about what their content is. However, using semantic formatting means that pages are easier to index. But you should know that you should not overdo it with shaping.

5. Create an XML Sitemap

A sitemap not only allows search engines to index your pages faster, but also gives Google a quicker indication of changes you make on your site. For this reason, you must create an XML sitemap and submit it as a Google Search Console property. If you are using WordPress, you can easily create a sitemap with the Yoast SEO plugin.

6. You must create an HTML Site Map

Even if the XML sitemap will help search engines to index your site faster, the HTML sitemap will turn navigation on your site into a lot easier. With this sitemap, you can improve user experience and strengthen your search engine optimization work.

7. You must use Optimized Robots.txt

Do not you want certain page folders or files to be shown to Google? By creating a robots.txt file, you can prevent search engines from crawling specific areas of your site. Before you make any edits to the robots.txt file, you should make sure that you have enough information on this topic.

8. You should make your site responsive

Google enjoys a lot of sensitive sites. The most important reason for this is that sensitive sites are compatible with desktop and mobile devices. For this reason, you should make your site as soon as possible. This is where you can tear off the mobile incompatibility penalty that Google is starting to implement. You can test your site’s mobile friendliness with the tool that Google offers.

9. You must use H-Labels to upgrade the traffic

H tags or title tags help search engine robots determine the content of your site. However, you should know that title tags work quite well to maximize the visibility of your site in search engines.

10. You should try to make use of the alt tags to optimize the images

Search engines do not see images, and for that reason they are having difficulty indexing them. By adding sub-tags to images, you can help search engine robots understand the visuals. In this way you can ensure that they are indexed more quickly and conveniently. Using alt tags, you can make your site more accessible via search engines.

11. You Should Check for Damaged Links

Broken links can prevent search engine robots from properly indexing pages from your site. For this reason, you should quickly remove corrupted link problems. These links will harm your site. Using the Broken Link Checker plugin developed for WordPress, you can detect broken links on your site.

12. Meta Headlines and Explanations

The fact that a page’s title and description are correctly formatted will improve the quality and amount of search traffic. The well-organized meta titles and descriptions are also important for users as far as search engines are concerned. You can tell them what kind of information is included in your pages with meta titles and descriptions. The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress is one of the best tools to help you in this regard.

13. Improve Navigation by Using Content Map

Content maps will make your site much more accessible to search engine robots. In addition, it is an element that can improve the users’ navigation experience. Content maps can help you get better search engine ranking by lowering bounce rate. In other words, content maps ensure that your URL addresses are presented in a much better way. If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, you should opt to activate the content map here.

14. You should place your site content on top of the screen

Google continues to make significant changes to its algorithm. One of the last changes you made is to give more value to the places that show content at the top of the screen. Since the top of your content is the first point of attention of the users, you should put the most important items of your site here. You should stay as far away from using unnecessary ads as possible.

15. You Should Check Copy Contents

Google does not like non-original content. Copy content does not make search engines easier. You should check the copy content on your site and remove them. In this regard, you will not have a lot of problems with regards to the look of the search engine. The amount of copy content on your site should not exceed 10%. You can check the contents of your site by using the Siteliner tool.

16. Should Attention Keyword Placements

Many people in the industry say keyword placement is important, not keyword frequency. For this reason, you should write something relevant to the topic you are dealing with and make sure that the keywords look natural. You should not be stuck with keyword numbers.

17. You must use hidden semantic indexing keywords

The hidden semantic indexing keywords are words related to searches on Google. You can improve your keyword density and help Google better understand your writing by using the content you create. With this help, you can see that your site will increase in search engine results. If you want to find hidden semantic indexing keywords, you can use tools like Uber Suggest and LSI Graph.

18. Keyphrases You must use on H labels, statements, and headings

If you want to get the best out of your SEO work, you should add the keywords you are targeting to the most important parts of your pages. You can tell search engines what the page is about by using key phrases in H tags, descriptions, and headers. However, you should not fall into such a mistake as doing keyword stuffing in these areas.

19. You should use Internal Contextual Links in Long-tailed Keywords

The built-in contextual link work will help you to have an SEO-friendly site architecture. If you have such an architecture, you can provide search engine robots with more efficient indexing of your pages. If you want to get old content to the foreground and ensure that the site gets sorting for specific keywords, you can perform internal contextual linking. When you publish a new blog post, you should review the old postings and perform an internal link work in a contextual way.

20. Should You Optimize Images to Improve Your Rank

It offers several advantages such as improving images, lowering bounce rate, improving site speed and performance, and getting more traffic from visually-based search engines. Add-ons such as TinyPNG, developed for WordPress, can help you with this.

21. You must use Short and Explicit URL Permalinks

You should not use the default settings. You should use simple, SEO-friendly, persistent links. Make sure that the URL address is descriptive and contains the keyword.

22. You must separate the URLs by using hyphens

The structure of the URL is very important. For this reason you should keep your site’s URL as simple as possible and use hyphens to distinguish words.

23. You Must Use Meta Keyword to Get Good Ranking in Search Engines

There are many approaches that say that metadata keywords do not work anymore, but none of them reflect truth. These are only for Google. The key words for search engines like Bing are extremely useful. If you want to be in the forefront of these search engines, you should use meta keywords.

24. Add MV and Twitter Card

You should use the Open Graph and Twitter Card features to make the shares look richer on social platforms. Doing so will allow you to get attention and get more clicks. With the behavior of the clicks you receive, you’ll be attracted to the Google search engine.

25. Submit Link to Related and Authoritative Sites

You can increase your search engine ranking by linking to relevant and authoritative sites. You should also remember that the visibility of your site can be improved on this. When linking to a site you should be sure that they have high page and domain name authority. You can use the Moz Open Site Explorer for this.

26. Link to Different Sources

If you link to different sources, you can make your content appear more natural. Thus, you can benefit from the link values of different sources.

27. You Should Reduce Outbound Links

The quality of the outgoing links is important, not the amount. For this reason, you should be careful not to have too many outbound links on your site. You should consider linking to addresses that have high page and domain names.

28. You Must Use Social Bookmark Button

Social sharing button is very important in terms of site optimization. The user is able to share the site content with a single click. With these shares you can achieve traffic to your site. For this purpose, you can use the Add To Any Share Buttons plugin for WordPress.

29. Do you need to direct additional file URLs

By default in WordPress, a new URL is created for each new attachment file. In this case, the copy page problem can occur. If you want your site to be correctly indexed without getting too infected with the copy problem, you should direct the additional file pages to the article. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin for this.

30. You should create Long and Static Content

Long content supported by statistics is much more useful than short content. This type of writing will help you get more links at the same time, so it will be useful for your site to get search traffic. You should create at least 2,000 calendars content inside and be a follower of your industry. You should also be careful that your content does not become ridiculous when you say I will create a 2000 word content. You should not write to write.

31. You should write Strong and Striking Topics

Creating eye-catching titles is the most important point to note when creating content. The headlines are the first thing to notice in the article. When creating a title, you should convince the user to read the text.

32. Focus on Benefit-Focused Content

If you want the content you create to be effective, you must be profit-oriented. You should take care to have something different in context. You should take care to ensure that your content presents certain values to the reader. This should be the most important thing to pay attention to after creating titles.

33. Use of Signs and Numbers

If you add numbers to the titles of your content, you can transform them into a more powerful and clickable one. However, you should use the bullets to make the contents easy to consume.

34. You Should Highlight Key Phrases with Capital Letters

By typing the first letter of each keychain in capital letters, you can get it to the foreground. Since keywords are one of the important factors for SEO, typing in the first letter of them can attract the attention of readers.

35. Check Before Publishing Content

You should check all aspects of it before you can post it. Especially you should not make writing mistakes in the content. You should pay attention to these controls if you want a content to be readable to readers. This way you get more visibility on the search engine.

36. You should use Points of Interest and Videos

It is not enough just to describe it in context. The most important aspects of marketing campaigns that span from the ear must be visually appealing. Using engaging visuals in content, you can attract the attention of the user and increase conversions.

37. Frequently updated content

By regularly updating the site content and blog posts, you can improve your site’s visibility in the search engine. With this visibility, you can get more traffic and conversions.

38. You Must Use Local Citations

Local references are to share your company’s name, address, and phone number, on different pages. By using local citations you can upgrade your local rankings and have more brand awareness.

39. You Must Use Rel Canonical Labeling to Improve Ordering

Rel canonical tag is preventing you from experiencing copy URL problem. Because you do not have this kind of prob- lem, you can make your site more efficient and faster to add to the index. If you want to have this feature on your site, you can benefit from the Yoast tag.

40. You Need to Improve Site Speed by Using GTMetrix and Pingdom

If your site is slow you will not get anything. If you want visitors to be happy with your site, you should get the site open quickly. To achieve this, you can take advantage of addresses such as GTMetrix and Pingdom, where you can make various suggestions on site speed.

41. Reduce Ads and Pop-ups

Inappropriate ads are extremely annoying. These can cause a high bounce rate. You should consider reducing your ads to avoid traffic loss and not have a lower ranking on the search engine results page.

42. You Should Update Your Communication Page

You should choose to personalize the contact form. To grow your customer base, you must ensure that the contact form is engaging and user-friendly. You should take some time for this and evaluate the opportunities available to you to improve your contact page.

43. Upgrade Your Order Using SSL Certificates

They reward sites that use Google SSL certificates and do so by raising their rankings. Because you offer a safer service on your site, you can achieve customer confidence.

44. You Must Use CDN to Improve Page Load Speed

By using the content transport network or the CDN known as the name, you will not only increase the speed of your site. At the same time, you have taken an important step to improve the user experience. You can improve your site’s ranking at the same time as you reduce the response time of your site. With Max CDN or CloudFlare, you can achieve the same improvements for your site.

45. Use Your SEO Extension to Optimize Your Site

If you use WordPress on your site, applying SEO strategy will be much easier than other sites. If you’re using WordPress, you can make your work more powerful by using one of the many useful SEO plug-ins available.

46. You should audit to improve the performance of your site

You can accomplish your site’s performance by performing a site SEO audit. When you improve your site’s performance, you can also increase the amount of conversions you receive from your site. Using SEOMator, Screamingfrog, Ahrefs, SemRush, etc., you can successfully implement SEO control on your site.

47. You Must Use 301 Referrals Effectively

301 redirects help you protect your site’s SEO value. If you prefer to move a page to another page, you can accomplish this with 301 redirects and transfer values such as page value, domain name authority to the new page. You might consider using the User Redirection plug-in to manage 301 redirects in WordPress.

48. You Must Optimize Social Sharing Reviews

By using Yoast SEO in WordPress, you can optimize social sharing videos and at the same time you can increase your site’s organic search ranking.

49. You Should Try to Benefit from Social Dialogues

Social signals are crucial for search engine rankings. For this reason you should strengthen your presence in social media and send more positive signals to search engines.

50. Create Search Engine and User-Friendly Pages

You should consider improving the user experience and site performance. You must create or purchase landing pages of the kind and likes of the armor engines and users.

51. You Should Remove Weak Pages

Pages with poor or poor quality do not contribute much to your site. You can remove them from the search engine results by adding a no-index tag to them. You should set a standard for your site and you should get rid of poor content with low quality.

52. You Should Create Classic Fixed Pages

You should create static pages such as privacy policy, communication, about. These can improve the visibility of your site and provide better results in terms of ranking in search engines.

53. You Should Test Your Site’s Browser Compatibility

You should be sure that your site is properly opened in different browsers. You can avoid potential traffic losses on this side. By using tools such as BrowserStack, you can achieve testing of these compatibilities.

54. If you need to use AMP

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open source project. This project helps pages of sites to open faster in the mobile. By using AMP for your content, you can improve the mobile experience for users. Applying them will help your site have the better ranking as it prioritizes Google AMP pages.

55. You Should Start Blog Entry Entries Keyword

If you want your searchers to click on the content you have created, you should start your blog entry with keywords. A fairly well-established blog post will allow you to attract interest and get traffic from search engines.

56. You Must Use Qualifier Terms in Title

Users searching often tend to headlines where 2018 is the best, review, highest, qualifying words such as guides. By adding these qualifiers to the titles, you can provide more detailed information about the content to the user. In this way, you can succeed in raising the value of your site’s user experience.

57. You must do W3C Certification

A W3C-approved markup code will make your site search engine friendly. You may be assured that your site has a clean HTML code in the way of this format approval. Thanks to this clean code structure, your site will be much more advantageous in terms of ranking.

58. You Must Use Keyword at URL Startup

You can increase your site’s clickthrough rate by adding the keyword you’re targeting to the URL. It will also give you the opportunity to tell you what a particular URL is about. Search engines as well as users will be able to understand what content is on the page by looking at the URL.

59. robotst.txt You should not block JavaScript and CSS attributes in your file

If you prevent search engines from accessing JavaScript and CSS files, your site’s ranking may be negatively affected. Some people prefer to block these folders for security purposes. Blocks of these attributes need to be removed in the robotst.txt file. In this way, you can make search engines search your site more efficiently.

60. You Must Build Warehouses for Your Site

The warehouse is the name given to this method even though it is not a term belonging here. You should create specific holds by holding the pages of your site together. By keeping links and content together by means of these repositories, search engines can make your site more easily indexed. In addition, you can improve the ranking of the search engine results page.

61. You are a member of Search Console

Google Search Console shows you what the popular keywords on your site are like, which pages are indexed, internal and external links, and other attributes on your site. You should especially focus on keywords that have high impressions but poor average positions among those keywords that should analyze keywords in Search Analytics.

62. You should register with Google Local Listing

You need to save your site to a local list. You should make your site perform well in terms of local SEO and site visibility by making your Google My Business scorecard.

63. You Must Create Social Mark Pages

To have the better ranking on the search engine results page and to get more organic traffic, you should create your own profile pages in large places like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

64. You must use Google’s Disavow

If your site is receiving unnecessary and unnatural links, you should disconnect with these links by taking advantage of Disavow, which is offered by Google. In this way, you can improve your site’s search engine performance. You must be very careful when rejecting connections.

65. You Should Try to Obtain Link

If you want to upgrade the number of quality links to your site, you should strive to produce quality, useful and informative content.

66. You must use Google Operator Comments

He likes to show comments in Google search results. However, positive comments for your brand will make your mark more reliable. On this site, your site may have more click-through rate and turnaround.

67. You must be active in forums

At the forums, you can actively get high-quality links, drive traffic to your site and boost brand awareness.

68. You Must Use Facebook Ads

You can attract qualified traffic to your website via Facebook Ads. My recommendation is definitely quit target audience ads. If you attach the pixel code to your site, the target entering your site will grow and you will then be promoted. Remember, Google loves returning visitors, and loves sites that implement it even more.

69. You must use Google AdWords and PPC Advertising Campaigns

By investing in PPC and AdWords campaigns, you can improve your title and description work, improve your site traffic and conversion rates by getting more clickthrough rates.

70. You Should Check Your Google Analytics Account

Checking your Google Analytics account on a regular basis is important to see what SEO techniques work and what does not. Google Analytics provides you with in-depth knowledge of your site’s traffic and performance.

71. You Should Exclude Internal Traffic in Google Analytics

If you want more accurate information about your site’s performance, you’ll need to exclude internal IP addresses in Google Analytics.

72. You Must Use Google Keyword Planner to Find Keyword

Google Keyword Planner can provide you with the information you need to perform keyword research.

73. You Must Know The Age Of Domain Names Is Important

The fact that your domain age is so high will mean that Google trusts you more. However, it is not necessary to be able to achieve high ranking in the search engine. Having a new domain name, however, will not be an obstacle for you if you work.

74. You are Infographically Designing to Obtain Link

Infogistics are the most useful way to improve site traffic by producing quality content. If you want to get links with high authority in a similar way, you can still use infographic style content.

75. Develop Your Access Strategy

A good access strategy is one of the elements needed to develop your SEO work in an impressive way. The access strategy can help you to get links from quality sites, as well as support you to connect with various blog authors at the same time.

76. You should try to benefit from the guest authoring

Visitor authorship will help you to improve your site’s organic search ranking. With visitor authorship you can achieve this result by increasing the visibility of the site on search engines.

77. You must be active on question-answering platforms

In the form of questions and answers, you should actively respond to the questions in the sector where your site is located. If necessary, you should prepare a link to these questions and give them a link. We advise you to be careful when doing link export. Do not link from the platforms on which you are taking a walk in that will not show any behavior after you have provided traffic that cannot provide traffic.

78. You Need to Get Opportunities for Broken Links

You can contact the site administrator by finding the broken links in other sites. You can try to fill in the gap by giving them a link on your site. If they accept your offer, you will get links from sites with high quality.

79. Analyze Your Link Profile

As well as reviewing your site’s link profile, you should also examine the link profile of your competition. You can try using the Moz Open Site Explorer tool for this. This tool will show you important data. Here you can find very different and detailed information such as page authority, domain authority, links, anchor text. So you can have information about your competitor’s link building strategy.

80. You Must Set RSS Feed

If you want to make the content on your site easier to share and to be in the foreground, you should set RSS feed settings in your blog section. This may not seem like a huge contribution, but it is a quality you need to distribute content.

81. You Should Provide Your Site Staying Open

Getting the right hosting service is important to everything. The success of your site may be possible when you receive the correct hosting service. If you want to live a problem-free publication life, you should choose to work with the most successful companies.

You can ensure that your site rankings are enhanced by using all applicable site and site SEO tactics included here. Moving them together is the right way to choose. You should keep these techniques and methods in mind when you try to publish every new content.

The performance of the websites that implement the materials in this content has increased. This has been implemented and proven. Do not let anyone fool you, research, learn and practice. For more content, you can visit the SEO categorization. You are waiting for great content, strategies and tips.


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