6 practical Excel Add-Ins for Marketer

excel add-ins

excel add-ins

Excel – this is the most popular spreadsheet program in the world. Already in the intermediate school, many pupils are already on the road, and in fact it is one of the most important handicraft means for many industries. Whether it’s reporting, business plan, stock monitoring, or creating charts, Excel is almost universal.

Especially for industries, which have to work on a reliable data basis – according to the marketing – Excel is therefore more compulsory than Kür. The basic functions of the program should therefore dominate marketers – but there are also some well-designed add-ins that make life easier and save a lot of time. We have put together a selection of the most helpful add-ins.

Bing Ads Intelligence in Excel: Bidirectional data transfer between Bing and Excel

Microsoft has developed a tool with Bing Ads Intelligence. With this, on the one hand, it should be possible, e.g. To upload campaign data from an Excel document directly to Bing Ads and, on the other hand, import data from Bing Ads into Excel. According to Microsoft’s Bing Ads Intelligence website,

“Bing Ads Intelligence is a powerful keyword research tool that allows you to create and expand your keyword lists in the familiar Microsoft Office user interface. With this tool, you can effortlessly measure the performance of relevant keywords on the Bing Network, and then use the insights gained to improve your keywords. “Source

Power BI: Excel location data in a map

With this app, developed by Devscope, location data from an Excel spreadsheet can be entered directly into a Bing card. The card is directly integrated into the Excel document. If several different location data are entered, they can be visualized as circles or as diagrams.

PowerPivot: Make Excel more intelligent

Micorosoft’s PowerPivot promises to bring business intelligence to Excel. The tool can work with a large amount of data in a short time to analyze, among other things, key performance indicators (KPIs), create interactive reports based on different data types and sources, and edit data securely into work.

PowerPivot works with Excel 2010 and the latest versions.

Twitter always in sight: ExTweet

Do not miss anything, even while you are looking through data? This is possible with ExTweet. This add-in allows you to view your own Twitter stream live in the Excel document. Do you have various agencies in your Excel list? Select the appropriate fields and ExTweet displays relevant tweets for these terms in real-time.

ExTweet is produced by Gillster, is compatible with Excel 2013 and in English.

Google AdWords API Extension for Excel

As the name suggests, this tool from SEOGadget.com provides the ability to import data from AdWords through the API in Excel. This makes keyword search easy and lets all the important data converge in one place without having to constantly switch between the document and the AdWords account. The AdWords API Extension can distinguish between local, mobile, exact, and phrase search queries. The tool is only available in English.

E4seo: Search metrics data in Excel

New from the range is this tool from Searchmetrics. It makes it easier for all marketers who use the Searchmetrics Suite and Excel to work. Thanks to its own API, complex search metrics data can be easily and directly transferred to Excel. Pre-installed dashboard templates are available for this purpose, which make it possible to manage the project data and make individual reporting possible.

Which add-ins do you know, with whom have you already gained experience? Do you even recommend others? We are looking forward for comments!


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