15 Applicable SEO Recommendations to Raise Your Rank

Google’s RankBrain algorithm uses artificial intelligence to determine search results based on the intent and user experience of the person searching.

There are so many factors that make RankBrain a challenging algorithm. In this article, an in-depth review of the RankBrain algorithm is done on your behalf and we have assembled 15 viable recommendations that will improve your SEO rankings.

Do not be scared because the content is long. With this content you will have information about 2 very useful tools. With this content, you will also increase the search ranking of your web sites and increase your performance.


# Optimizing Keyword Research


SEO Recommendations to Raise Your Rank


have long been a key element of the SEO content with high rankings. Whatever content you have in your content, you must have already done a keyword search to create it. If you want to get rid of your rucksacks, it’s not right to get out of the way without performing a keyword search.

However, RankBrain has significantly changed the keyword research strategy. Contrary to previous implementations, the intentions of those who make a call are now the forerunner. If you want to be included in search results in the future, you should definitely reshape your keyword research strategy.


1. Rethinking Long-tailed Keyword with Same Meaning

Long-tailed keywords have been very influential in the past. This activity broke down a bit when we began to use Google semantic analysis and began to understand the meaning of the words. The long-tail keywords could be retrieved from Google’s respective search at the bottom of each search result.

Unfortunately, long-tail keywords that have the same meaning are not very effective in the SEO world created by RankBrain. RankBrain’s algorithm does a pretty good job of distinguishing different long-tailed keywords from each other. Instead of presenting results for multiple keywords, it now offers similar content to the user.

For example, “best automation tools for marketing” and “best marketing automation tools” both provide the same results in the search results because the searcher has the same goal.

For this reason, you should start to think about the long tail keywords much differently. If you are wondering how to conduct a keyword research that will fit the RankBrain algorithm, you should continue reading.


2. Catching Medium Volume Keywords

Long tail keywords need to target the roots of these words as they no longer give much expected. Root keywords are words in the center of search queries that have more search volume than long tail keywords. The competition rate of these keywords is very high, and links to acquisition and behavior are essential, as well as quality content, for ranking.

For example, consider “lemon tea” as the keyword. You should pay particular attention to the search volumes that will appear when you do this basic keyword research. Keywords such as “lemon benefits”, “honey lemon”, “ginger lemon tea”, “honey and lemon”, “honey lemon juice”, “honey lemon tea” will be the most important keywords to come out against.

You can see that the search volume for all these keywords will vary. When you collect all the search volumes, you can reach a lot of figures. However, the search for the basic keyword “lemon tea” that you have chosen instead will remain much lower volume.

Using medium-volume keywords, RankBrain SEO automatically puts your content in order for keywords that are related to each other. If you want to optimize your content for the highest search engine results, you should focus on mid-range and medium-length keyword phrases.


3. Using Hidden Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keyword

You should know that you can still benefit from long-tailed keywords before they are prepared to throw them away. Long-tailed keywords will help you find RankBrain’s favorite secret semantic index keywords.

From here you should not understand that you can use keywords that have the same meaning with long-tailed keywords. You should try to identify the hidden semantic indexing keywords between them. These may be phrases or phrases that are relevant to your subject.

You can take advantage of Google search results to identify hidden semantic indexing words when you search for the “lemon tea” keyword in the previous example. You can start looking for hidden semantic words by browsing the dark blue words in the related searches that Google offers.

In addition, you can take advantage of Google’s auto-complete feature. After you write the keyword on the search bar, you can take into account the auto complete words that come in the opposite direction.

You can use the keyword tool called LSI Graph. Simply type the basic keyword into the search bar and press the “Generate” button. After waiting a while, the car will bring you the most important phrases you may need.

If you use the “lemon tea” example, the strongest hidden semantic indexing keywords that will come out will likely be as follows:

  • Plant
  • Materials
  • benefits
  • Weakening
  • making
  • recipes

These hidden semantic indexing keywords will give you more keywords. By using these keywords, you can achieve a higher visibility in the search engine. These keywords do not consist of keywords with similar meanings such as long-tailed keywords.

# Optimizing Header Tags for Higher TO

Organic click-through rate is an important ranking factor for search ranking. The RankBrain algorithm focuses on the interaction that users have with search results. So if you want to improve your SEO rankings, your first job should definitely be to raise your clickthrough rate values.

If you want to have an order like you want on the search engine, you should try to optimize your content to maximize your clickthrough rate. To achieve this, you can take advantage of a variety of clickthrough rate optimization tips to help you develop your SEO rankings.


rank brain the google search rank your raised to Price

rank brain the google search rank your raised to Price


4. Providing Emotional Title Tags

You can make quite a bit of improvement in click-through rate by adding some sentimentality to the title tags. Most of the searchers are thinking about entering content that has emotional appeal to them in the search results. In the research conducted by CoSchedule firm, the results supporting the emotional value were obtained.

To understand what the sentences are emotional, CoSchedule has developed a “Headline Analyzer” tool. This tool can help you understand whether blog headlines, email subject lines, and social submissions appeal to the emotionally emotionally.

Reconsider the example of “lemon tea” and consider that you choose a title such as “7 Benefits of Lemon Tea”. If you analyze this through the Headline Analyzer, the result will show you how good the emotion is in the headline.

Whatever score you get here, you need to know that you can do better. If the title you choose does not help you achieve the score you need emotionally, you should try to make various improvements.

If you change the title of “Lemon Tea” to “7 Benefits of Lemon Tea for Weight Loss”, you can achieve a much more emotional title than the previous title.

Creating an emotional title is extremely challenging. But you should continue with the experiment until you get the best headline. If necessary, you should try to determine the most appropriate title for yourself by taking advantage of the titles your opponents have chosen.


5. Using Parentheses in Titles

You should definitely try this easy way to improve your CTR and improve your SEO rankings. By inserting brackets in the text headings, you can easily attract the attention of the caller. You should remember that there are too many results on the search engine result page. What you need to do here is try to be remarkable.

The joint research by HubSpot and Outbrain shows that brackets use 33% better results than brackets. Approximately 3.3 million headings were examined in this survey. Therefore, the result obtained largely reflects the actual situation.


6. Using Power Phrases

Using empowering words such as trying to create more emotional headlines to improve the value of the TO makes the headline much more impressive. Power words are the factors that can attract the attention of those who make the call and make the headlines irresistible. Power words are composed of the following:

  • Crazy
  • Effective
  • Case study
  • Fast
  • Proven
  • Best
  • Comprehensive Guide
  • Scientifically

When you take a look at Google search results, you can see that these words are generally used in headings in the first place. By adding power words to the headers you create, you can achieve a boost in your CTR and your SEO rankings. But you should not forget to add the numbers.


7. Positioning Numbers and Stats in Titles

The lists are pretty good and you should never stop back by putting numbers and statistics on the headers you create. The numbers and proportions contained in the headings greatly affect the click rate of the content. By adding numbers or statistics to titles, you can make them much more interesting.

For example, imagine that you wrote the content of a research on civilians. When choosing a title for a study that reveals the consequences of reducing the amount of acne in a given diet, you should definitely include the duration of the diet and the rate of reduction achieved. By combining these with words of power, you can achieve a high ROI as much as possible by transforming the content headline you create into quite impressive.

Once you’ve made the best of your efforts to optimize headlines, your first job would be to try to raise the CTR by doing similar work for description tags.


# Optimize Description Tags for Higher CTR

Headline tags are not only important in terms of high CTR. At the same time, SEO is among the elements that raise your rankings. When someone finds the title you create much more interesting, they may be at that point, but first they will look at the description of the meta and then decide whether or not to enter the content. For this reason, you should try to optimize the title tags while optimizing the description tags at the same time.


8. Provide Emotional Label

You should reflect the emotional state to the description tags just as it is in the title tags. You can also use the methods you have used in title tags here. You have to take power words and start to attract the attention of people who are searching for the emotional direction.

should not make a mistake just like putting emotional foreground in the description tags. At the same time, you have to prepare the most informative sentence about the content. You should try to describe it in the strongest way by referring to the problem that focuses on the description, the solution it offers, and the benefits it provides to the user.

The longer the meta description is, and the better it appeals to the person who makes the emotional call, the better. Personalized descriptions can convey emotional, actionable messages to people more easily.


9. Taking Advantage of Benefit and Supporting Facts

A user simply does not make a decision about whether to enter a content by browsing the meta description. To get a much better level of CTR and instantly capture the interest of the user, you should talk about the benefits of the content and the supporting data.

If you want to present a content that is appealing to you in the best way, you should absolutely apply this method. Benefits and benefits are always in the value area of users. Using them, you can emotionally capture them and make them visit your site.


10. Benefit from existing AdWords content

There is a method that many people ignore the explanations. You can try to create your own metadata description using keywords in the descriptions of AdWords ads in the search. Since these ads are usually created as a result of long-term research, they already have the potential to offer you the data you need.

For example, if you are on your content marketing automation tools, you should look at the ads in your search on Google. You should find out what is the most commonly used word here and try to use it in the description tags.

The most commonly used words in advertisements will tell you directly what the kit was intended for. Since the companies pay for these advertisements, they always guarantee their business and decide on the keywords after a series of researches. So choosing to use these words will be a useful initiative for you.


11. Forget Primary Keyword

It is useful to remind even though it is not possible to forget this much. You should ensure that your primary keyword meets the users who search your content using the label in a way. When using the primary keyword in the description tag, you should use it as close to the beginning as possible. If necessary, you should use hidden semantic keywords here, but you should make sure that the description is as natural as possible when doing all this.

#Reduce Bounce Rate and Wait Time

The RankBrain algorithm looks at the TO value of the content you have and lists it appropriately in the search results. However, if your content is not as high-quality as the user after clicking it, the user will quickly return and continue searching.

If you are going to feed your users in order to get clicks, then your bounce rate will not be at the level you expect. However, if you do not want to experience difficulties in terms of waiting time, you should also check this out. By taking these two important factors into consideration and making the necessary optimization work, you can strengthen your SEO rankings.

The waiting period is the time the caller spends on a certain page. What you will want to do here is that the user should stay as long as possible. Your content will perform so well if you can get good values in terms of waiting time.

The average waiting time for the results on the first page of searches for a particular search query is approximately 3 minutes. Since the researches put forward this data, your goal should always be to create quality, authoritarian content so that you can spend more than 3 minutes on the page, responding to the needs of the searchers.

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12. Placing the Contents on the Screen

When a user asks for a question on Google, he wants to find that answer as quickly as possible. That’s why when you create content, you should ensure that the first paragraph of the content comes to the top of the screen. This is an important influence that will reduce the bounce rate.

When you enter a site, it is one of the most recent situations to see that only the title tag appears at the top of the screen. However, you should not allow the mark of your logon to completely cover the top of the screen. If you are developing an opposite approach, you can cause serious problems on your site.

Instead of putting forward such an approach, your first job must be to bring the content to the front of the user. You should always try to configure your pages so that the caller can consume more content. If you want to encourage users to consume content, your priority should always be to write an encouraging introduction.


13. Creating Promoting Entries

When you ensure that your content is at the top, the entry paragraph will be the first thing users will see. By using this part you should lick their interest and encourage them to consume the content. If you provide content consumption, you can lower the bounce rate and increase the wait time at the same time.

If you want to create a very strong entry paragraph, you should consider three main elements. The hook, the transition and the thesis are these three important elements.

The hook reader is attention-grabbing, specific and comprehensive. The transition part is the part connected between the content and the hook. The thesis is the real field that allows the reader to consume the content. The stronger the thesis section, the stronger the entry section will be.

You have to spend a lot of time here to strengthen the entrance. The entrance is one of the most important areas of the contents. If you want the RankBrain algorithm to love your content, you have to do what is best in your hand in this area.


14. Preparing Long and Comprehensive Contents

If you want to improve your SEO rankings, you should always focus on creating long and comprehensive content. Longer contents are also important to develop your backlink portfolio at the same time. The more links you have, the higher the position you will get on the search engine results page. You must know that you will suffer too much from the point of view of the waiting period because your contents will be long.

The longer and more meaningful your content will be, the more proof you are in your field. You can turn your brand into a more authoritative brand in this sector


15. Ensure Easy Creation of Your Generated Content

Longer content improves the wait time and ensures better content alignment and more links at the same time. However, it is necessary to ensure that a 2,000-word long content is easily consumable in terms of readers.

If you want the reader to be able to consume content in an easy way, you should try to use various subheadings or appropriate sample images. Subheadings need to be quite descriptive. If you decide to use visuals, you must ensure that the visuals are of a quality that will influence and direct the user.

You can try to keep the paragraphs as short as possible to ensure easy consumption of long contents. Paragraphs should be three or two sentence lengths or long, single-coded.

Your main goal here is to ensure that the reader is not exhausted and consumes all authoritative information. If you can achieve this, readers will spend more time on your site. In this way, you can achieve your content much higher in search results.

If you can succeed in spicing SEO strategies by artificial intelligence and Google’s algorithms based on what’s happening in the field, you can succeed in optimizing your ranking in search results. You can make a good start in this regard by evaluating the tips above.


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