10 seo trend to rule in 2018

Do you have difficulty getting your pages from Google and popular search engines to rank? By the end of 2017, do you know what the effect of search engines is to bring your site to a good place in the digital world? Did you take the best of last-minute strategies by checking areas such as keyword usage, domain strength, links to your site, user data analysis and quality content?

Evaluating the Best SEO Strategies and Focusing More on Customers

Search engines have an important place in customers’ purchasing methods. Google’s algorithm is based on the end user and its general browsing experience. For this reason, most of the users continue to use search engines. Next year, search engines will be able to give more weight to the user experience and rank sites more appropriately.

Video marketing, information graphics, link building tactics are a long overdue and are among the best SEO trends. However, if you keep yourself limited to these, you may miss the opportunity to meet more effective methods than you have heard before. In this article, you will be introduced to the trends of SEO, including old and new, which will give you an advantage in a competitive environment.

Voice Call

Since Google was launched in 2002, voice calling has been integrated into smartphones, allowing users to call in an audio format. In 2014, Google added a new feature to voice search, allowing users to search on five different levels.


How does voice search affect SEO?

Using voice dialing for personal help, for entertainment, or for general information retrieval saves time and at the same time enables effortless dialing. Thanks to the arrangements planned to be made in local calls, it is also aimed to provide convenience for the users in shopping.

  • You should make sure that your mobile site does not block resources such as CSS files, videos, and images.
  • You should give up using Flash and try to improve the site speed.
  • You should try to find Google autofill keywords with high rankings.
  • You should try to add question patterns in the speech-language to the content on your blog, social media sites, and frequently asked questions.
  • You should be sure that you are using high-quality visuals.
  • You must sign up on the Google My Business page.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Because the site is not loaded fast, very high rates can be experienced. That’s why Google has launched the AMP project, which means accelerated mobile pages. In about six months, Google has begun to direct people to AMP pages so they can have a better experience.

amp SEO

How accelerated mobile pages affect SEO

When you search for a topic or keyword on Google using your mobile device, Google places it on the top of each search result page, sorting it using AMP. The placement of your site at the top, along with its rapid loading, will ensure that you have a low bounce rate and, consequently, high conversion rates.

  • AMP HTML – New custom AMP commands must be used
  • AMP JS – JavaScript structure to make external resources load faster
  • AMP CDN – Take advantage of cache technology to deliver faster content delivery

Content Marketing

Using the right keywords using Google Keyword Planner is necessary to provide valuable information. As content marketing is directly concerned with this issue, it will always be seen as one of the most important SEO trends. That’s why you should not ignore content marketing within your SEO strategy in 2018.

How does content marketing affect SEO?

The Google algorithm reads text content, adds them to the index, and places them in the appropriate order in the search engines. However, the quality and consistency of the content ensures that the user base that your page will have access to is much wider.

  • You should work with a professional blogger.
  • You should improve your keyword strategy.
  • You should try to implement high-value link building tactics.

Mobile Optimization

The biggest share of internet usage now belongs to mobile and tablet devices. The use of smartphones will increase even further over the years, so you need to work on this area in order to avoid losing potential customers in the future.

How does mobile optimization affect SEO?

Google still considers desktop devices as the primary source of sequencing. However, mobile is a very important ranking factor and it is a necessity to improve the mobile user experience in order to increase the visibility in the search engine.

  • You must make sure that you use responsive design.
  • You can try to use separate URL addresses for mobile pages, but this is not necessary for sensitive design.
  • You should stop using Flash.
  • You should be sure that your site is being uploaded quickly.

User Experience Optimization

The Google search engine algorithm takes the user experience to the forefront, as well as the quality content, in a more advanced structure. Although getting the best is the main goal, Google continues to scan pages and sites once it gets the best to satisfy its users.


How does user experience optimization affect SEO?

All major brands like Amazon regularly review and redesign their sites to meet the needs of their users. The Google algorithm takes care of the usability of the site much more than before, including speed, ease of use and order.

  • You should create user-focused content.
  • You should test availability for different devices.
  • You should provide a visually consistent layout.
  • You need to implement an effective link building tactic.
  • You should include the landing pages with place focus.
  • You should use social sharing buttons.

Long tailed Keyword

Long tailed keywords are generally known as word phrases consisting of a maximum of three words, and it is expected that these phrases have far fewer digits than generic keywords. For example, “tea” or “marketing” is a generic keyword and it takes a long time to have ranking on Google. On the other hand, “tea making at home” or “SEO marketing for businesses” is a long-tailed keyword, and having a high ranking on Google is much easier for these keywords.

How do long-tail keywords affect SEO?

The Google search engine shows about 60 characters on the results page, but that does not mean you should limit your keyword length. The dynamic search results that Google offers can be shaped by query. For this reason, it is much healthier to compose your pages in a way that focuses on long keywords. You should remember that long keywords are used by people who want to find out directly or people who do not use voice dialing.

  • You should know your special selling point.
  • You should use Google Keyword Planner.
  • You should find new keywords by taking advantage of appropriate phrases.
  • You should expand your keyword research efforts with Google’s auto-aggregation feature.
  • You should create a list of eligible search terms.
  • You should include them in your long-tailed keyword SEO strategy.

Local SEO

The rapid increase in smartphone usage globally allows users to find locations they are looking for more easily by using services like Google Maps. This includes the working hours, addresses, telephone numbers of the enterprises or locations, and evaluations made on them. It should be noted that Google recently added a feature to Google Maps that allows users to ask questions and receive responses from the business owner.


How does local SEO affect overall SEO?

Google and other search engines have an algorithm that allows local businesses to rank in the right categories. In addition, search engines place great importance on getting information such as business name, phone number and address easily from the sites.

  • You should try to improve the backlink quality.
  • You should make sure that the searchable keywords have enough content.
  • Users should encourage you to evaluate your Google My Business account.
  • Your business name might think about not adding a keyword.
  • You should try to use the schema-configured data.

Google Quick Reply Box

When you search on Google, you’ll see an information box at the top of the search results. This information box aims to reach the user in the fastest way possible according to the search term. This box is called the Google Quick Reply Box.

How does Google Quick Response affect SEO?

After Hummingbird update in 2015, we tried to improve the Google search algorithm to “speech search”. With the output of the RankBrain algorithm, the search engine begins to focus more clearly on the user’s search, leaving only one key to focus on the keyword.

  • You should produce content that includes question patterns, such as how, why, and where.
  • You should work through the questions in the Google Quick Reply Box.
  • Using Google Keyword Planner, you should try to find the most relevant words in the industry.
  • You should strive to evaluate keywords in the Google autocomplete feature.
  • You should try to explore related searches that match your keyword by looking at the Google Related Search section.


The microform is a structure that allows the use of extra metadata contained in HTML / XHTML tags. With this structure, it is possible to automatically obtain the information that the end user can benefit from such as communication information, social relations, and geographical location.

How does microforming affect SEO?

The microformat is extremely useful for understanding the information of a site even if it is a small HTML item. However, the fact that the microformed information is visible to Google helps your site to achieve a more appropriate ranking.

  • You should try to provide quality content and label data in an appropriate format.
  • You should run the tests using the Google Rich Snippet tool.
  • You should use the Google Site Manager tool to identify and use structured data.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has entered the search engine world very tightly with Google’s RankBrain algorithm. In an interview, Google RankBrain confirmed that it was an artificial intelligence system and stated that it was one of the three most important factors in the ranking algorithm. The first two of these three important factors are links and content.

How does artificial intelligence affect SEO?

The Google Hummingbird algorithm is at the heart of search engine algorithms. RankBrain is a machine learning system that is part of the Hummingbird algorithm. This system works on billions of pages to provide the most appropriate information for specific queries.

  • You should handle the keywords that you set for specific landing pages one by one.
  • You should try to take advantage of certain keyword tools that can predict to make keyword predictions.
  • You should avoid link building strategies involving manipulation and keyword stuffing methods.
  • You should encourage customers or users to do the evaluation.

SEO trends show a change from year to year. By following Google algorithms, you can keep up with these changes and protect your existing site rankings. However, you should add that not only the search engine algorithm but also the search behavior of people can change at the same time. For this reason, many people have already begun preparing their sites by 2018.

artificial inteligence SEO 2018

If you are not a proponent of updating your SEO strategy and stick to classical methods, it can be difficult to bring your site to the first page in search results. The worse thing is that you can be penalized for using aggressive SEO tactics by Google.

Search engine optimization is a never ending process, and at the same time it is time consuming. But you can take advantage of the technology and come up with it using the latest updates from Google. In 2018, you can take the best steps in your strategy by focusing on areas like voice search, accelerated mobile pages, content marketing, mobile improvements, user experience improvements, long tail keywords, local SEO, Google Quick Reply box, microform and artificial intelligence.

Each of the methods outlined here is part of your basic strategy. Maybe you can discover a lot of different ways that can help you, but without them you will not be able to get active ranking in 2018. The key to success is always learning and implementing the most reliable SEO strategies.

I hope this article helps you. Whether you’re a marketer or business owner, if you’re interested in SEO, you have to accept that you need to learn new tactics. Of course, you should spend time researching the best tactics for your site. If you do not have the time to research, you might consider choosing a shortcut in your business by allocating budget to good professionals.

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